Someone like ME :*


I can say that my awareness for fashion has evolved since when I joined lookbook. This is one of my looks for the rainy season, well; I can definitely say that it is a RAINY season here in the Philippines especially here in Davao, it rains so hard each night especially on TTH.

My shirt if from Oxygen as well, though, I hand painted it with my beloved face (Im not narci, I just LOVE my self! :D) I love the cuts of this shirt since it’s so unique and so ASIAN, it has shorter length on the front and longer at the back. In the front part it has two layers and it would like appear that I’m wearing a tank top inside. I like the materials as well, it cotton and it wasn’t that reedy.
Before I don’t feel like wearing any head accessory, like the BEANIE, but I’ve realized that the beanie has its multi-functionality for fashion and keeps me warm and tames my bulky kinky hair (lol).

It’s the 1st time that I’m wearing a low crotch jeans; (for those who don’t know what it is, the CROTCH is, click this line) bwhaha!!! This is oxygen’s fault!!! They put magic on their cuts and cause me to try something new!!! Nyahahaha!!! I love oxygen.
My boots, oh god, I guess no one could believe that I accidentally bought it. I just went in a water closet on our way to tagaytay and I accidentally saw this boots calling me from the display window across the water closet and one thing I knew, I already bought it. That’s why Im afraid to bring cash :/