I called it VIRGO HIGH coz Im a virgo. This morning I was home alone and suddenly I felt like my N8 can give me a decent lookbook post even if I go for self-photography ooohhh I hate that forever alone moments :(

here is the proud post from a 12MP cam phone, N8.

                                     (CLICK THE PHOTO TO HYPE)

Summer is finally here, but that doesn’t mean you need to say good bye to your dark shaded piece of clothing and layered look. Im wearing a Sports Jacket or unlined blazer I can still look fashionable without getting sweaty; 


paired with a printed Oxygen Tee by Marciela with a reel cloth that keeps the cool even when layered with jacket/polos under the heat of the sun.


The chukka boots also is a good choice, it’s light and comfy and versatile for casual and preppy theme venues. 


Remember the “FIT” counts when you want to keep your dapper look or the neat look, a pair of blazer and jeans should always have a good fit and pls avoid the BULK.

                       and here are some of my overly done jump pose