Black and yellow, FORGET THIS FELLOW (by Duane Bacon)

what I wear;


here’s what Im going to wear this saturday! my last weekend of being FREE to storm the night! how I wish I can still go out late after next week :/

I love this shirt from CHEAP MONDAY I got from BAUHAUS, ABREEZA DAVAO, I like the textile since it does not absorb too much water, it means, less ODOR! so it’s pefect for summer and PARTYING! :D

CHINOS are really perfect for summer, I feel so compfy even under the heat of the sun, and I like it’s flexibility, especially in metro manila, you need to wear something that matches the venue, wearing CHINOS paired with any TEES wont go wrong and fits anywhere you go :D

the LEATHER SHOES from 21MEN is one of my favorite shoes :D simply because it is too comfortable for my feet and the fit is just right! I love walking it esp on how each steps sounds :D

my pendant will be my sigil, it is an elephant necklace I modified before, and I  noticed, my friend JANELLE, loves to give my different stuff that has ELEPHANTS on it.